Why choose us?

Not only does Central Iowa Impact offer full range services, but we also offer firearm sales, service & rentals. Having trouble figuring out what type of gun you want or need? Come in and ask the experts who will help you find what suits you best, and what you like best. The firearm rentals will help you try it out before you make the investment in your first or an additional firearm. If we do not have what you want in stock, we can order or assist you in custom building your own gun! Become a premium member and receive discounts on guns, ammunition, accessories & training!

CII has one of the best gunsmiths in the business!  We are fortunate to have Eli on our team for all your service needs!  Armorer services also available as we maintain armorer certifications on most major brands.  

CII is one of the very few Blue Label Dealers in the area & are proud to serve those who serve & protect us all!  If you are military, law enforcement, or a first responder this is a great benefit!  So come & get your well earned discounted gear!

Memberships start at $15 per year for the Bronze level membership! Come & check out our range & join up!

Rental Inventory Includes (but not limited to):
Anderson 5.56mm AR-15
Beretta Model 8040 Cougar .40S&W
Bersa BP380 Conceal Carry
Citadel 1911 .45acp w/Hogue Grips
CZ 75 P-07 2014 Omega 9mm
Glock 19 Gen 4
Glock 26 Gen 4
Glock 27 Gen 4
Glock 42
Glock 43 
Rossi Ranchhand M92 .357mag Lever Action
Ruger SR-22 4.5" .22LR 
SigSauer P238 .380acp 
Smith & Wesson Victory .22LR
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm w/Safety
Smith & Wesson M&P Performance Center Ported Shield 9mm 
Smith & Wesson M&P Performance Center Ported Shield .40 S&W
Smith & Wesson M&P Performance Center 5" Ported 9mm
Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard .380acp
Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Rifle
Springfield XD Mod 2 3.3" 9mm
Taurus 4" .357magnum Revolver
Walther PPS Mod 2 9mm
Walther Q5 Match 9mm
Walther PPQ Mod 2 5" Ported .22LR
Walther PK380


Fall & Winter Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 10am-8pm / Saturday 10am-8pm / Sunday 1-6pm

CII Schedule

Scheduled Events:

Iowa Permit to Carry Class:  Saturday Sept 10 from 2-5pm

Ladies Only Iowa Permit to Carry Class:  Tuesday September 13 at 5:30pm to 9pm

Couples Night every Saturday from 4-8pm.  1/2 price lane & gun rental fees!

Ladies' Night every Tuesday from 6-8pm.  1/2 price lane & gun rental fees!

Youth Intro to Firearm Handling & Safety.  This youth course is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation to firearms. 

Intro to Pistol Shooting Class.   Tuesday, September 20 from 5:15pm to 9pm.  Introduction to Pistol Shooting is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation to your specific pistol. 

Shooting Range now open!

Central Iowa Impact has 10 indoor shooting lanes up to 25 yards for use, with motorized target carriers and shooting benches. Coming soon an additional 4 lanes of up to 50 yards.  Outdoor 3D archery range is now open!