Range Pricing

Memberships start at $15 per year for the Bronze level membership! Come & check out our range & join up!  If you want to try it out before you join you can do so by doing a Guest Pass for only $25.

Gun rentals vary by membership level & start at $15, $10 for Silver with Gold enjoying free gun rentals, (excluding full auto).

Members enjoy benefits of reduced rate lane fees on special nights, discounts, and more!  Members are able to share a lane with another member and can split the cost of the lane between shooters.  Bronze members pay for the lane only & that cost can be split between members.  Silver & Gold members pay no lane fees and have guest passes to bring visitors.  If a Bronze member attends the range with a Silver or Gold member, they can share the Silver or Gold member’s lane at no cost.

Central Iowa Impact has 10 indoor shooting lanes up to 25 yards for use, with motorized target carriers and shooting benches. Coming soon an additional 4 lanes of up to 50 yards.  Outdoor 3D archery range is now open!  Archery course is $5 for members, $10 for non-members.

Membership Levels:

□Bronze $15 annually, $20 per hour lane fee, $15 Firearm Rentals, $25 FFL transfers

Silver $395 annually, or $33.95 per month, NO lane fees, 10% Off Retail & Training Discount, 2 guest passes per year, CII T-shirt, $10 Firearm Rentals, $15 FFL transfers

□Gold $550 annually, or $48.95 per month, NO lane fees, 15% Off Retail & Training Discount, 4 guest passes per year, CII T-shirt, Free Firearm Rentals, $10 FFL transfers, 2 free gun cleaning and checkup per year

Family Membership $750 annually, or $64.95 per month, NO lane fees, includes 2 adults and up to 3 children, Silver level benefits

Many ask about trying out the range, so here is an example of a couple that wants to try out the range but wants to decide on whether or not to get a membership.  This example is a man & woman that want to come out & rent a 9mm handgun.

Memberships are $15 per year per person if you want to join.  It does have its benefits as you can come out on Couples Night or Ladies Night & get a lane for only $10, plus half price gun rentals so that would be $7.50.  So if you came on Couples or Ladies Night & both got memberships the prices would be as follows:

$15 times 2 for memberships

Gun rental $7.50

9mm ammo $13

Lane $10

Total of $60.50. 


  If you do not want to join, you can do a guest pass for $25, then an extra person for $10.  So that would be $35.  The lane price is included in the $25 pass. So the totals would be as follows:

$25 Guest pass plus $10 for extra person.

$15 gun rental

9mm ammo $13.

Total of $63.


Couples night is on Saturday from 4-8pm.  Ladies night is Tuesday night from 6-8pm.